Clean Up Your Cleaning Supplies

During Earth Month, Lavender & Bergamot is sharing recipes for natural cleaning supplies that smell good and are effective! Swapping out chemical cleansers is good for your family and the environment. As we go through our day in the modern world we encounter many toxins in the form of vehicle exhaust, off-gassing plastics and paints,…

Spring Cleaning Your Body with Cleavers

If you’ve ever been to summer camp then you know the joy of cleavers. The memory of the first time someone picked a sprig of velcro plant and stuck it to my shirt is vibrant in my mind. It was the first of many times as a child that a plant excited me. Since then…

Self Care Starts in the Kitchen

We have all seen the memes. “Why do they want dinner every night?” and bemoaning the dirty dish that appears in the sink as soon as you get it all shiny and clean. Is it frustrating? Sure! But it’s also just the reality of life, so let’s try and shift the perspective from dishes being…

Welcome to the Lavender Bergamot Kitchen

We teach classes on cooking, herbal wellness and a diy home. Classes take place online at the moment and we cannot wait for it to be safe enough to teach you in person as well. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for information on upcoming events.

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